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Verticals: optimization of after-sales software by sector

The Service Manager Service Software brings together more than 100 functionalities to meet the simplest as well as the most complex needs.

In order to offer the fairest solution to everyone, the after-sales CMMS solution was designed as vertical software, available for many sectors of activity.

Dedicated after-sales software for each sector of activity

If there are similarities between the heating contractor for individuals and the wind turbine maintenance company in certain everyday actions, the customer approach and the complexity of the data to be processed varies greatly from one sector to another.

Altair Service Manager is the guarantee of having software designed taking into account the particularities of each issue, in order to provide you with the software that is most suitable for your use.

Activity sectors to which Altair Service Manager provides a concrete and optimized response

  • Multitechnic – multiservice
  • HVAC – Heating – air conditioning – ventilation
  • Building – Finishing work
  • Alarms – Monitoring – Closings
  • Electricity – Autonomous energy
  • Printing – Digital Imaging
  • Spa – Sauna – Swimming pool
  • Fire extinguishers – Fire safety
  • Health – Medical devices
  • Tools – Equipment
  • Telecom – Electronics
  • Motors – pumps – compressors
  • Home appliance
  • Self-service bike – Car sharing
  • Vehicles – Automotive – Mechanical
  • Lifting – Elevators – Hoists
  • Sound – Video
  • Measuring devices

Not on the list? Contact us to find out how our software can meet your needs!